Meet the Cats

Our office has always been lucky enough to be home to a group of handsome furry gentlemen that make each day a little brighter! Don’t be fooled by any mournful meows, the boys have their own entrance into the house where there is plenty of food, water, toys and snuggly beds. They just prefer to try and get as much attention from our clients as possible! (Cat allergy? Cats are not allowed in the linens, or in the treatment rooms, they do however make their way through the office on a regular basis. Please let us know about your allergy in advance of your treatment and we’ll facilitate a feline free visit with an extra dusting up before you come. If you have a severe allergy however, our clinic is not the ideal setting for your treatment.)

large (very well-fed) cuddly, grey Maine Coon cat

Rest in Peace – Jake crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

Jake joined us a couple of years ago as a starving stray. He is obviously no longer starving and our “Big Boy” loves to cuddle and hug. He also finds his way into the clinic regularly for love.

short-haired black cat with a white spot under his chin

He joined us a few years ago as a starving stray. As the “Ghost” cat we fed him for about a year until we enticed him inside…now it is hard to tell he was ever anything other than a pampered house pet. He has a bit of a wild streak and is not crazy about dogs.

small, fluffy, cuddly (and spoiled) orange and cream cat

Rest in Peace – Sam crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

Sam is the oldest of our cats and the most spoiled. He is a rescue out of Rutland. Originally found as a kitten on the center line of Highway 33, his rescuers discovered their son was allergic, so he came to join us. Sam is very friendly and loves to be petted. He comes in and out of the clinic frequently, but don’t let him fool you, he has his own door, but prefers to have others open the clinic door for him.

well loved, medium size orange tabby

Rest in Peace – Finnigan crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

snooty, spoiled, chocolate point Siamese cross

Rest in Peace – Miro crossed over to the rainbow bridge.