COVID-19 Policies

We have put in place new policies and practices due to COVID-19 to help protect the health of patients and massage therapists. Massage therapy is a hands-on practice, so we are not able to social distance during treatment. Outside of treatment we have several steps that we are taking, and that we will request our patients take, to minimize exposure possibilities and enhance safety.

What We Are Doing

1. Appointments have been limited and staggered so that cross-over between patients in common areas will be prevented.

2. We are accepting cash if needed, however our preference is for card payment (Debit, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) OR e-transfer paid in advance. (If you want to prepay, please let us know, we’ll send you details.)

3. All massage therapists will be wearing protective equipment such as masks. They will also change shirts between every patient, disinfect their hands and arms between patients and after handling any equipment.

4. New equipment (such as vinyl pillows) that is easier to sanitize properly have been purchased. You may notice a bit less pizzazz in the decoration – that’s because we are removing anything that is difficult to disinfect. Common areas and treatment rooms will be cleaned and disinfected between patients. Linens are never shared and are washed in an extended sterilization cycle.

What We Need Our Patients to Do

We ask that all our patients follow the following procedures for their appointments. This may feel a bit alien, but we appreciate everyone’s support.

1. If you are sick, recovering from any illness, or feel like you may be getting something, please do not come. Call and cancel. We promise we will do the same if an RMT is ill. Our RMTs reserve the right to assess and send someone home if they feel they aren’t well.

2. A mask is required to be inside the clinic. If you do not have one at home, we will provide one to you, and your RMT will give it to you when they come greet you.

4. After you are masked up and come inside, please head straight to the bathroom to wash your hands or use the offered disinfectant.

4. Your RMT will guide you through all of this. Please enjoy your treatment! When it comes time to payment, we accept all forms but greatly prefer card or e-transfer.

Thank you very much for your patience and support!